Cheating day may be the most pleasant day for a stomach on a diet. But whether cheating day can affect the results of your diet? Of course, you do not want your efforts to lose weight to be in vain just because cheating day stuff just a day. Find the facts in the leptoconnect reviews to find out the correct cheating day without having to interfere with the results of your diet.

Cheating day is one of the phases in the diet program cycle where a person who is on a diet can rest and eat food that is outside his diet. For one day, you can freely eat foods that are taboo in your diet program. After one day it ends, then you will return to the specified menu.

For stricter dieters, cheating days can sometimes be changed to cheating meals where the opportunity to eat meals outside the diet is only permitted at one meal time. The theory behind a cheating day or cheating meals is a psychological concept of effort and reward. After working hard on a diet, then you are entitled to receive a reward in the form of one time enjoying the luxury of food that is out of reach when dieting. That way when you return to your usual diet day, you can get excited about it. You can also avoid feeling bored and can undergo a more obedient diet program.

Cheating day can be one of the supports of a successful diet program, as long as it’s done correctly. Effective cheating days still pay attention to the intake of calories consumed. On cheating day, you can eat whatever food you like, but you should still pay attention to portions. It is important not to overeat even though this is your time to be ‘free’. The day should be a moment where you can miss your favorite foods, not become a place to eat a lot like you are starving.

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