Skateboarding for those who have never tried it looks cool and exciting. However, if you just want to try this sport, you have to know the basics first, like the types of boards used. For children, usually recommended using the mini longboard because it fits their height and the size of their shoes perfectly. You need to be careful in choosing the right board because there are quite several types of skateboard boards whose designs are quite similar but have differences that are adjusted to the style of play

The first type is cruising skateboards that are usually used to glide casually around parks, urban areas, and ramps, without the need to do many difficult tricks. This is a skateboard style combined with a longboard. The board used is usually wider and uses wheels made of rubber. If you are interested in trying to skate, then the first thing to try is freestyle skateboarding. Freestyle skateboarding refers to the style of skates that uses tricks and leg movements performed on a level plane. If you want to try it, then you need to choose a board that is comfortable in size. If you want to focus on playing the flip, then choose a board that is slimmer and shorter. But if you want to focus on footwork, then the best is a wide and longboard. Also note that although the small board is easy to control, it is also unstable. While the board is large, it is quite stable but quite difficult to control.

Street skateboards usually focus more on transitions and tricks that are often done in public places. Street skateboards use boards that are sleeker than normal boards, with wheels that measure 48 to 55 mm. That way, the player can more easily rotate the board and perform tricks comfortably. Street skateboard boards are similar to freestyle boards but are sleeker and more symmetrical in shape. Park skateboard is one of the most used. Usually used to do tricks on the obstacle in a skate park, such as rails, stairs and other obstacles in the park. The skates used are usually 29 to 32 inches long, and the wheels used are 51 to 55 mm. With smaller wheels, players can do tricks faster while providing good speed when sliding.

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