In big cities, vertical housing has become very popular and has a lot of interest. Moreover, real estate developer also prefers to develop vertical housing rather than ordinary houses due to limited land. Not surprisingly, Penrose condo becomes a market trend that brings more profit. Especially if the real estate is used as investment goods. Even though there isn’t too much specific difference between apartment and condo, you can distinguish the two in terms of using the term. The condo itself refers to certain residential units inside a building. In one building there are usually tens to hundreds of residential units or condos. If the term in the United Kingdom and commonwealth condos have another name in the form of flat.

Condos are usually rented out even though there are now many condos that can be owned privately like the Penrose condo. The term condominium comes from the Italian legal system. The condominium itself comes from the word con which means together and dominium which means joint ownership. So by definition, a condo means a residential house in a real estate that can be privately owned unit of the residence. Whereas access and public facilities are legally owned by the real estate owner as a whole. However, the condominium owner has the right to use all the facilities that are in the real estate. Condo owners can rent or sell their condos to others. Because the dwelling has legal ownership, the owner is free to do anything about the dwelling that has been owned.

Ownership status is the difference between an apartment and Penrose condominiums. However, because now many condos can be owned privately, making both do not have much difference. Maybe it can be said to be about the same. Depends on which term you prefer. Just make sure you know everything about the condo before you make a decision.

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