Your production goods have started to pile up and your warehouse is threatened to be insufficient to contain them, so what should you do? You cannot just sit and be quiet just waiting for a miracle to come, but all you have to do is move and find a solution to this problem. You are too comfortable with your current warehouse, regardless of how you will begin to choose your new warehouse. It may be that you can choose as a storage product for your production. To recover your excess production stock that cannot be accommodated in the previous warehouse, but choosing a warehouse is not an easy job. There are many considerations you should think about in choosing a warehouse, one of which is cost.

There are several costs you incur and need to get attention when choosing a warehouse location. There is a price to be paid to get the location of the warehouse, it can be from the land price or the sale price or warehouse rental. The price will be related to the value of the location. Then don’t forget to pay attention to the standard wages for workers in force at the warehouse location you will choose. In every region, some regulations govern minimum wages. Make sure that the wage standard is following the budget you will plan for the worker’s wages.

After thinking about internal costs, then you can choose to think of external costs, what is the transportation costs needed to move goods from the warehouse location you choose to the destination, such as your customers. In some locations, the government offers tax incentives to create investment attractiveness. Pay attention to the tax structure that governs at that location. Is in addition to the applicable general tax regulations there are special taxes that are levied to operate a warehouse. It must also be ascertained regarding the financial incentive policies in these locations. In some areas, special fees are charged for handling loading and unloading. You should check whether there are additional costs for loading and unloading at these locations.

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