We have seen so many types of watches at stores and you probably already have few of them in your closet. We want to introduce you another type of mens watch that is also very elegant and popular these days. This one type is called as mechanical watch and it is very exclusive. There are few of facts that you have to know about this type of watch because it surely has pro and contra aspects.

 There are few of pro aspect about this type of watch and we suggest you to check them out. Some of people wear this type of watch because they want to have a unique yet stylish watch. This type of watch also reminds us to its history and it adds another aesthetical value for it. You must know that one thing that is really good about this mechanical watch that it has no battery.

 It doesn’t need a battery because it is made from a power by hand-wound technology. If you have mechanical watch and it doesn’t tick then you just have to wind it up immediately. It also has a very smooth movement therefore you may never hear a buzzing ticking sound that you can get from analog watch. The exclusive yet old fashioned design on a mechanical watch has so many artistic values.

You can show some of your friends about the concepts of your watch’s machine because it is put under a transparent glass. People can see the movement of your mechanical watch as well. There are also few of contradictions for this type of watch and one of them is winding up your wrist when it doesn’t tick. It requires regular winding because we all know that it doesn’t have normal battery for watches. Some of mechanical watches are also very sensitive towards weathers therefore the endurance of a mechanical watch is not very good.

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