The process of cleaning grout is similar to cleaning tiles. Tile cleaning products are widely sold in stores. You can also make your own by mixing baking soda powder and water. If the tiles in your house are made of marble, you should use mild dish soap or a special marble cleaner and avoid ingredients that are acidic such as vinegar. Except for very stubborn stains, you don’t need to scrub the grout too hard. An old toothbrush might have been quite effective. However, make sure that the grout is in pristine condition because broken or cracked grout could cause a serious problem and you will need to regrout shower immediately.

Cleaning bathroom porcelain can sometimes disgust us, especially when dealing with mould or mildew that smells. Wear rubber gloves and mask over the nose so you don’t have to come in direct contact with mould and mildew and don’t smell it. Bathroom tiles, especially near the bathtub and in the shower area, are prone to mould and mildew. White vinegar is good for dealing with mould, but it doesn’t hurt to look for a liquid floor cleaning product that contains growth inhibitors of mould and mildew. You need to clean it regularly so that this material kills fungus and mildew to its roots.

Make cleaning the tiles and grout part of your regular cleaning schedule to slow down the process of changing the colour of the grout. Sweeping and mopping the floor and wiping the tiled walls once a week is a simple but helpful way to prevent dirt buildup. You can also use a steam steamer regularly to remove dirt from the grout while killing bacteria. Make sure you also immediately wipe up any liquid spills or drops as soon as possible to prevent dry stains. Caring for tiles and grout regularly slows down the process of discolouration and prevents mould growth. Cleaning products containing bleach, are effective for cleaning white tiles and grout according to instructions for use on product packaging Old toothbrushes are versatile tools, including for rubbing grout.

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