The word portable means easy to carry. A portable air conditioner is an air conditioning unit that is easy to carry, slide, or move. Now to meet these requirements AC units are usually lightweight, small in shape, and sometimes equipped with wheels. Besides, Portable AC units typically have capacities ranging from 1pk to 2pk. However, if you want to choose the type that can cool down a pretty large room effectively, we suggest you read blaux portable ac reviews.

Actually there are also Portable AC with a capacity of 5 to 20 pk or more.

General characteristics of AC potable capacity of 1 or 2 pk:

• The shape is small.
• Equipped with hot air exhaust hose.
• Cheaper purchase prices.
• The machine is integrated in the unit.
• Equipped with a water storage tank.

Benefits of 1- 2pk portable AC rental

• AC rental prices are cheaper.
• Easy to move.
• Requires not too much electrical power.
• Faster installation.
• Do not need a large place.

Disadvantages of renting portable air conditioners 1-2 pk

• Cooling is not optimal because some of the cold air is wasted out to cool the condenser.
• Noisy due to the sound of the engine converging inside the unit.
• Not suitable for large rooms.
• Water reservoirs must be checked frequently.

The way a portable AC works is the same as another type of AC, that is needed a machine (Compressor) as the main engine in the air cooling system.

Then, there is also a simple Portable AC Unit that utilizes cold water as a cooling medium. So inside the unit, there is no AC machine or compressor as the main engine but is replaced by a small water pump that functions to circulate cold water through certain media and fan blew wind so that the air that comes out becomes cool.

Thus a little discussion about 1-2 pk portable air conditioners that are widely circulating in the market. Hopefully, this info can be useful for you.

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