Humans need to drink water every day so that the body remains healthy. However, are you aware if there are dangers that lurk people who drink water from plastic bottles? You can avoid these dangers by using CamelBak Bottles as your container to drink.

Here, we provide health information about the dangers of drinking water from plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles contain dangerous chemicals
Disposable plastic bottles for mineral water contain the chemical Polythene terephthalate (PET) which can pollute the environment. Now, most bottled water companies work around this by using bottles made of Bisphenol A (BPA) that can be used regularly. However, if the plastic bottles that use BPA chemicals are exposed to sunlight, the chemicals will evaporate and be mixed with mineral water.

Plastic bottles can trigger pregnancy complications
BPA contained in plastic bottles is also very dangerous because it can cause complications in pregnancy as well as the fetus. In addition, the content of BPA can also cause babies born to be deformed.

Plastic bottles weaken the immune system
BPA chemicals contained in plastic bottles can weaken the human immune system. Weakening the immune system will make it easier for humans to develop infections.

Plastic bottles accelerating or decelerating puberty
It would be very dangerous if the chemical contents of plastic bottles enter the body, especially to the hormone estrogen. As a result, this will cause a decrease in female fertility, increased levels of fat in the body, and affect the nervous system.

The chemical content in plastic bottles is very dangerous, especially if it enters the human body. There are four easy ways to live healthy while preventing chemicals from plastic bottles entering the body.

– Get used to drinking water from a place made of glass or stainless steel,
– Choose and use bottles that are free of BPA (BPA-free) chemicals,
– Make it a habit to bring drinking water from home, use safe materials,
– The last alternative, use plastic bottles that have triangle code number five.

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